Friday, 6 March 2009

The Adventures of Bethany Beddow

Last lesson .. final deadline

The music
We had more disappointing news's about the music, the choir leader said 10 minutes before we were meant to be recording that she didn't want the children t sing the lyrics in "I like it" song. Some of the lyrics were too "inappropriate for" for 10 year old's to sing.
As a replacement they sang Abba "Take a chance on me" because this was the only song we could only find that was appropriate for the children.
They wouldn't let us chance a few lyrics in the song so it was ok for them to sing therefore we just had to go with Abba and hope for the best.
After putting Abba with our sequence we decided it sound ok and have stuck with it.

Today we completed our sequence with the final cake and put another cast's name on it using skittles and i stop motion. We are now going to upload it to the blog and have finished.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Music crisis!!!!!!!!!

As you may know, the soundtrack for our film opening is a famous song called 'I Like It' by Gerry and the Peacemakers. However, we were given some devastating news that we would not be allowed to use it because we did not create it ourselves, yet we were told we could use a ready made sound track at the beginning of the project back in january!
LUCKILY, our teacher was not aware that we had organised for a children's school choir to sing the soundtrack and on our own accord we sent letters home asking parents for their permission for their choir to be used for educational purposes, of which we got 100% to go ahead. Their name will also star in our opening credits.
So, yay!


Teacher Comments

Further to our conversation in class yesterday, action points to take forward from the rough cut to final cut include (some of which you may have already worked on):

- Use fades to achieve softer transitions between the animated sequences with the credits, and the live action segments.
- Break up the shot with the flour tipping over with an insert to avoid using a jump cut.
- Create a soundtrack for your production company logo in Garage Band
- Replace the existing music track with the one you intend to use for your final cut (although I know this has yet to be recorded, but your plans are in place to do so on Wednesday according to our conversation)
- Remember to be shooting for a total running time of approximately 2 minutes (this looks to be happening so far)
- Is there going to be a title card with the name of the film itself somewhere in the sequence???


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Production company soundtrack

Today we made the soundtrack for our production company, "underwater productions". We used Garageband to create the soundtrack. To start with we listened to lots of different bass lines to try and use one of them because we were going to layer lots of different sounds to create an individual sound. In the end though, we decided to just use a jingle which was already in Garageband. We tried to use different sounds with it but because it was quite busy anyway and its only for 5 seconds we decided to just keep the jingle on its own. We then added it into our finalcut and faded it in and out, and then the soundtrack carries on playing.


Friday, 27 February 2009

Roughcut film opening!!!


Rough cut deadline

Today is our rough cut deadline, and this lesson we have been putting the final touches onto our sequence in final cut express.
We have managed to complete the following shots:
alphabet sweets
playing cards
( these were all in istop motion)
Cake shots - ingredients and making and cooking
We had to cut down our sequence because our sound track wasn't long enough for our sequence. it was about 20 seconds longer.

We are planning to re-shoot our cakes scenes using istop motion, and we also need a final shot of the cake with sweets moving around it and a name on it. we also need a shot of a child carrying a teddy bear. Also we need to add the film title at the end of the sequence!!!
we will be able to complete that for our final deadline.
We will also have our sound track sung by a childrens choir to make it more appealing to our target audiences.


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Today we uploaded all our footage so far onto final cut express , then ordered the shots into sequence.

We decided that we needed to film some more sequences using final cut express as other wise our footage would be to short.
Tomorrow we are going to add the music ' i like it' by Gerry and the peacemakers for our soundtrack.


Friday, 13 February 2009

Continuing opening

Friday 13th Feb -

Today we continued with the production. After bringing in some alphabet sweets, we used them to spell out the names and words needed like "directed". For effect, we first made a line at the top and one at the bottom of the alphabet in order until we ran out of space on the screen. Then in the middle we wrote out the names by putting one letter down at a time and taking separate pictures on istop motion so that the word is shown building up until it is finished. Also, with the letters around the edge we moved them for each shot so it looked as if they were moving by themselves.

We also carried on with the skittles to make them into another name but wer're not sure if this will be kept yet in the final cut.

Finally, we made a list of all the shots we need to do at home after half term when we have the camera equipment booked out to film more footage.


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Start of production

On Tuesday 10th feb (yesterday) we started shooting our film opening.We firstly practiced writing out fonts on paper with icing, as this linked in with what we were shooting. we didn't know what to exspect so we thought this would be suitable. Next we learned and practised how to set up all the equipment (camers, tripod, camera stand, light.) Therefore in future lessons we could get it set up quickly and efficiently without wasting time.
We only filmed one shoot yesterday. This was the cookies being taken from the plate and the directors name undermeath on the plate in pink icing. We filmed it using istop motion witch created quite a childish effect. Also the writing in icing looked child like, this fits in well with the genre of our film.


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Next lesson. Friday 6th

This lesson we plan to try and complete shots 2, 5 , 8, 11, 14, 12. ( aslong as it doesnt snow!)
The props we will bring in are jelly beans, scrabble, playing cards, alphabet sweets, toy train, crayons, icing. These shots will be done by using istopmotion so we thought we'd do them first because they will probably take the longest to do.


Shot list


Test Footage - Istop motion

As this is our first time at using iStop motion for a large project. We decided to do a test shot to make sure ,we still knew how to use the programme.

We chose to use skittles as this fitted in with our theme and they are also part of our props. the overall footage looked good although we decided not to use a white back ground as this looks to much like white paper, and not professional looking. We will also take mire time when moving the skittles around.


Friday, 30 January 2009

anamatic Story board


Anamatic storyboard

Shot 1- The child gets the ingredients and equipment out for cooking a cake and places them on a kitchen unit. 
Shot 2- Jelly beans move around the frame and go around the "name"
Shot 3- The child creates handprints on paper and writes the "name" in paints.
Shot 4- The flour falls over and the "name" appears
Shot 5- Scrabble pieces move and create a "name" whilst jelly beans are moving around in the background
Shot 6- The child's paints a name on the picture they are painting
Shot 7- There is a "name" in the cake mixture then someone puts the whisk in it and blends it into the mixture so it disappears
Shot 8- Pack of cards then one's flipped over which is the "name". Jelly beans is also moving around the pack
Shot 9- Muddy footprints walking around which spells out the "name"
Shot 10- "Name" is written in the bottom of a baking tin and then the mixture is poured into it so the name is covered up.
Shot 11- A toy train is moving along pulling the letters of the"name" behind it
Shot 12- Pile of Millie's cookies with one having the "name" on it. All of them are taken away apart from the one with the "name" on it which is left until last then quickly snatched away
Shot 13- The "name" os on the oven door. The door opens, the cake is put in and then the door is shut .
Shot 14- the "name" is written in child's handwriting with  some crayons moving around underneath it. 
Shot 15- On a plate there is some fish fingers and some tomato sauce which has written the name out.
Shot 16- "Name" is written and then a child's toy bounces over it. 
Shot 17- Cake is made then the jelly beans move around it and then onto it. 
Shot 18- Tile comes upon a storybook and then the teddy is shown being dragged away by the girl.00


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Feedback for our pitch

After presenting our pitch to the rest of the group, we received some feedback for it telling us the strengths and weaknesses of our presentation and the synopsis. Some of the positive comments for the analysis within the presentation was that of Toy Story there was clear descriptions and ideas and that there were some good points, which were well expressed. On the analysis of Curious George, it was said that there were good explanations because it shows how it displays itself pleasurably to the target audience. It was also said that it was good because it was genre - specific.

On the actual synopsis, it was said that the music, "i like it", originally by Gerry and the Pacemakers, was appropriate. It was also said that it was good how the ideas we have are specific to children and are things that the can relate to.

Finally, the mood board received some positive comments that it used a nice variety of child like shots and that each individual item on it was explained well.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Mood board


Discusssion of all 5 Genre

A supernatural thriller with a strong female lead
This opening would inlcude:
  • A woman of a mysterious supernatural (ghosts, vampires, witches) persona
  • Film title and credits
  • Suitable music for example something eerie to give the impression that the film is a thriller
  • Somebody/thing that needs saving
  • Mise-en-scene that has dark lighting
  • An example is "Underworld".
A British socialist realist drama
This opening would include:
  • Natural camerawork, hardly any close ups and a lot of tracking.
  • Themes based around real life situations, e.g. domestic violence.
  • Mainly diagetic music
  • Regional accents
  • Stereotypical characters
  • An example is "This is England"
An adventure story for younger audiences

This opening would include:
  • Mise-en-scenes which could be mystical/made up
  • Animation
  • Characters which are mainly children
  • Always a hero
  • Missions set for the characters to complete but they are normally dangerous
  • Mixture of diagetic and non-diagetic sounds
  • An example is "The Lion King".
A teenage romantic comedy

This opening would include:
  • Mise-en-scene of where teenagers spend their time, e.g. school, cafes, shopping centres
  • Themes which teenagers can relate to, e.g. relationships
  • Stereotypical characters
  • A love storyline including humor
  • An example of this is "John Tucker Must Die"
A crime caper with an ensemble cast

This opening would include:
  • A group of main characters involved in a crime
  • Light humor can be used
  • Pacy editing and camerawork
  • Day is saved in the end by the main characters, usually men
  • An example is: "Ocean's 11".


Comparison of toy story and Curious George

Both opening sequences have instantly recognisable music, both songs relate to friendship and creates a happy atmosphere for the film.
Curious George keeps to a minimum of colours and objects whereas toy story has a real setting of a bedroom , the Curious George Opening keeps it simple as it has a number of different setting , so to keep children interested , the bright and simple obejects help them relate. Most children are able to recognise the setting of the bedroom in toy story, therefore this does not need to be as simple.
Toy story doesnt use Complex or intriquete font due to the target audience of children , therefore plain white font is approriate to show the credits in. Curous george also doesnt use complex font, it uses plain black fairly large font on a plain white background, to help the target audience read the titles if they wanted to. the credits for to story are played over the beggining of the film , therefore children are entciced to watch them whereas Curios george plays the credits over a serious of bright colourful pictures, these are appealing to the viewer therefore are also enticed to watch them.
Toy Story introduces the film tittle right at the beggining of the opening tittles, this is because children may not be able to recognise the film they are about to watch. this helps them keep engaged through the opening credits. Curious george introduces the title at the end as the pictures ar appealing enought to keep the target audience entertained.


Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Analysis of toy story

Toy Story
The film opens with the main character (a toy) With the production company name 'Walt disney' and then introduces the main human character. The film tittle comes up on a blue cloudy background, This is maybe because the target audience is aimed at younger children and they want to know what film it is as soon as possible as they are less patient. the main human character is then playing with his toys , he lassos a box, as there the toy is cowboy , there is a cowboy theme in his room, when the box is snatched away there is the Pixar production company name in bold white writing, the title are simply placed in the frame in white writing , this is so kids can concentrate on the beggining of the film. while the titles are going on the main human character is still playing with the main toy character, we are then taken downstairs while he carrys on playing, this is showing the main set up of the characters. while the toy is being played with, we can see from his point of view this shows that the film is going to be about this character. The song used is 'you've got a friend in me' as the film film is about friendship the song fits well to the theme. The credits then carry on straight to the film as the title has already been.

We like this opening to this film as chidren can relate to it well as its something they do everyday and most kids wish that there toys where real. We also like the backgrounds used to the film tittle and this will be useful for backgrounds for ours. we also like the kids dawings that we could also see as an idea for ours.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Analysis of Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

It opens with a red carpet background and a plate of potatoes is put infront of the screen with the titles written in ketchup. The plate is taken away by a hand and then a new white background comes on and a different plate is out in the screen, this then repeats for the next titles. The next shot opens with a wallet a hand takes out numerous cards to reveal who stars in the film and goes back to plates with food again still showing who stars in the film. There is then a library book card taken out of book showing who cast the film , theres packets for sweets for the casting aswell. The character is then holding a lip balm which shows who produced the film and drawing for the director and executive producer, it uses stationary to show who it is written by to end there is a plate with a burger and chips with the director then burger is then closed , this is the end.

We like this opening as it is origional and prepares the audience for the style of the film. We like the fact that it is simple , not over styleised. it also uses everyday objects which everyone can relate to.



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Initial Ideas

We have decided to film an opening sequence for a childrens adventure story.
After watching the opening sequence for napoleon dynamite, we decided to have our opening credits influenced by the way they have used real objects with the title written on , eg food and stationary. For ours we will use child friendly objects like teddy bears, cookies and cakes and numerous others.
On the last opening credit , we will then have a child carrying the teddy, signifying to the audience that they are the two main characters. Also, by having a child and a teddy as the main characters it would appeal to our target audience as they can easily relate to them, furthermore they will feel more included and involved.


Friday, 16 January 2009

Making our production logo


Our production logo is called 'Underwater Productions' so we immediately thought of using a water related image. We typed into the google search engine various phrases such as 'Water photogrpahy', 'Water droplets' and 'Raindrops'. We eventually decided to use two images for our logo: an image of water ripples and a single raindrop. Using 'Photoshop' we cropped the image of the raindrop away from the back ground and transferred on to the picture of the water ripples. We then used the tool hardlight to make the logo more realistic as u could see through the rain drop. We then added dark blue text to the image.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Production logo research

This is a production company logo for nickelodeon , they make childrens programmes and films. it is memorable as it uses bright colours and it clearly states the name of the company. it is also the name of the channel where the majority of these films and programmes are shown.

This company logo is for Dreamworks productions. it is a short animation , of a acorn being thrown into a lake on the end of a fishing rod, the camera then pans up to the clouds in order to show the letter D of dreamworks . The camera then tracks along the DREAMWORKS text in order to show the whole of the company name. the shot ends in a still shot of the cloud and the word dreamworks


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

anaylsis of an opening sequence - Date Movie

Date movie is a teenage movie and the opening sequence shows this. It is stereotypical but because it is a spoof it's really over exaggerated. The narrative is shown in the first couple of minutes as an unlucky - in - love 20ish year old and how she wants to find the perfect man. This is made clear from the very beginning because it's a shot of a dream wedding which goes horribly wrong when the main character realises that the man she is about to marry is really ugly and a geek. Teenagers can relate to this becuase they are stereotypical thought of as shallow and superficial so their worst nightmare would be to marry someone ugly.

The characters show its a teen movie and a spoof because it flips the stereotype of a pretty, slim, blonde girl and instead uses a fat ginger girl as the main character. You know she is the main character because she is in the shot the whole time.
The sequence is also based on numerous well known teen movies, which also helps teens relate to the film.


analysis of an opening sequence - Curious George

The music chosen for the opening sequence was immediately recognisable: by Jack Johnson. Which is appropriate for the younger audience because it puts them at ease and sounds uplifting.
The colours are kept to a minimum of mainly yellow and white which would appeal to both genders of the younger generation.
We are introduced to the main character, George, who is a monkey, at the very start and how 'curious' he is as he is looking through a window. It then foreshadows events that are going to happen in the film.
The sequence is simple and all the props that have been used in the opening are easily recognisable to the younger audience, such as a house and a car.
The writing used for the titles is written in a large clear font, so it is easier for a younger audience to read.
The camera work that is mainly used is tracking as the sequence follows the monkey around.


Friday, 28 November 2008